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The World’s Scariest Campsites

Camping is often the holiday of choice thanks to its low costs and the opportunity it provides to escape from the city or suburbia. However, there are some places in the world that will make you want to stay curled up in your sleeping bag all day or head home as soon as you’ve arrived. Just in time for Halloween, we’ve uncovered three of the world’s most terrifying locations for you to set up camp. Explore them at your own risk.

Elms Caravan Park, Loughton, UK

Your typical, Great British caravan site provides fun facilities that are bound to keep the whole family entertained. We’re not saying that Elms Caravan Park doesn’t do this, in fact it certainly does, but it comes with a frightening extra.

The park sits right on the edge of the Epping Forest, which has been reported as the home of the ghost of Dick Turpin,  who murdered many in this area in the 18th century. The highwayman used the Forest as a hideout in his day, and frightening sounds and sights have been described ever since his death in 1739. The caravan park is still fun for all the family, but only a daring family will stray into the neighbouring forest.

Aokighara Forest, Japan

On first glance it looks like your average forest: a place brimming with wonder, mystery and fascinating wildlife. But beneath the lush canopy lies something very, very disturbing.

Hundreds of suicides have been committed in Aokighara Forest since the 1950s, and bones remain scattered. The fact that many of these victims were still in possession of valuables such as watches and jewellery when they took their lives has also led to regular scavenger hunts. Yikes!

Fernwood Campground, Big Sur, USA

When the words ‘camping’ and ‘California’ are thrown together in the same sentence, you can’t help but picture clichéd lakes that glisten with beauty. Beneath the sunshine, though, is something really spooky.

This campsite is supposedly haunted by the ghost of an Esselen Indian and was constructed on top of a burial ground belonging to this tribe. If the thought of sleeping on top of a place that was once a mass grave hasn’t put you off at all, then try sleeping on the soil for yourself. You’ll have a nightmare or two, for sure!

Have you been camping somewhere that’s made your spooky senses tingle? Share your stories with us below.

About the author: Greg Henley is currently studying creative writing and drama studies at Bath Spa University. Greg writes here for caravan spares marketplace Tourer Trader.

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