The World’s Most Extraordinary Beaches

Clear blue waters, powdery white sands and nothing to be heard but ocean spray- these features would be on most people’s basic checklist if asked to describe a beach paradise. When it comes to the most unprecedented and peculiar coastline, however, there are a number of beaches that are urging people to pack up their beach bags and experience a different kind of paradise. Here is my pick of the most extraordinary examples.

Petroglyph Beach – Alaska

On the shore of Wragnall, Alaska stretches a beach with an enigmatic history dating back over 8000 years. The beach contains an abundance of Native American petroglyphs carved into dark grey boulders and bedrocks. Nobody knows exactly what these artefacts mean or why they were engraved here, which makes this beach a unique visit for any history buff or lover of the mysterious.

Punaluu Black Sand Beach – Hawaii

This destination reverses the typical conventions of a soft white beach with its infamous stretch of black volcanic sand. The sand is perfectly safe for basking upon and if you are lucky you may end up sharing your afternoon with some of Hawaii’s Green Sea Turtles, which are frequently spotted at this unforgettable location.

Hot Water Beach – New Zealand

New Zealand is well-known for its illustrious hot water springs, however on a stretch of beach, located between Tairua and Whitianga, you can experience hot ocean water as it bubbles up through the sand beneath your feet. Many tourists bring their beach bags and create their own spa pools with buckets and spades, which makes this site possibly one of the most relaxing beaches in the world.

Barking Sands Beach – Hawaii

This beach certainly places itself at the top of the list for most bizarre beaches in the world. This particular hot-spot is distinguished as Hawaii’s longest stretch of beach with 100 feet-high dunes, a Pacific Range Missile Facility and barking sand. Yes, that’s right, sand which makes an odd ‘barking’ sound when it is rubbed against bare feet. This surely requires a first-hand experience to truly believe in this peculiar feature.

There are many beaches in the world which radiate a multitude of colours yet one of the best has to be Pfeiffer Beach, which boasts a most beautiful complexion of blue-violet sand. This unusual yet vibrant beach surface combines with stunning sunsets against a backdrop of offshore rock formations, creating the ultimate evening landscape.

These are just a handful of the many exotic and extraordinary beaches out there. Have you visited a beach that you believe is a serious contender for this list? Tell us about it in the comments below.

About the author: A profilic writer and musician currently living in West Yorkshire, Sam Hudson is studying a masters in Writing for Performance and Publication. He wrote for WesterEye at university and became co-editor of the paper. He is passionate about writing and performing his own music and globe trotting around the world whenever he can.

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