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Visiting The Baltic Region


Estonia, Poland and Russia are located along the Baltic sea and thus are recognised as part of the Baltic region. So, why should you sign up for a vacation trip to Poland or Russia and Estonia for your holiday? Firstly, each country would have unique cultural traditions, national influences and historical experiences, which can be very interesting and European countries in the Baltic region are certainly not an exception to the rule, because they are very special places which are worth visiting. Top destinations include Polish cities such as Warsaw, Poland, with its beautiful old town and Zamek Krolewski, which is known for its royal castle. There is also Stare Miasto, Krakow, the city of beautiful old towers, facades and old churches, as well as Gdansk, located on the Baltic coast at the mouth of the River Wisla and is the center of the Polish Riviera, also known as the gateway to the “Castle Country”. Without a doubt Poland is something not to be missed.

This is also true for Estonia, which is along the Baltic Sea coast and is famous for one of the most beautiful stretches of the Baltic coasts. You can enjoy your Estonia holidays with happy bliss and tranquility, not to mention some peace between the beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque dunes, which attract all lovers of Baden, sun-tanning, and other recreational activities on the beach. In terms of places you can go to the benefit of Russia, cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg are places to be visited. Discover yourself a beauty of these exotic Baltic destinations.

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