Visiting Las Vegas? Stay At The Amazing Stratosphere

Visiting Las Vegas? Stay at the amazing Stratosphere 1

There are few vacation destinations that promise as much fun and excitement as Las Vegas, Nevada, and the difference between most of them is Las Vegas delivers on all of those promises. The secret that makes Las Vegas so special is that it has the ability to entertain, excite and satisfy every single person that ever travel there. There are gambling opportunities for those interested in the number one pasttime in Las Vegas, there are some of the best shopping venues in the Western United States, there are stage shows and live entertainment, and there are some of the more interesting exhibits, collections and museums too. A Las Vegas vacation has the chance to offer the kind of memories that not many other locations do.

One of the most recognizable buildings in the city towers over the entire Las Vegas Strip, it is the famous Stratosphere Las Vegas. At 1,149 feet tall, the Stratosphere is the tallest building in all of Nevada and is the signature attraction on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, in fact it is the only major casino on the strip that is actually within the city limits of the city of Las Vegas. The Stratosphere was completed in 1996 and has slowly proven to be a very popular casino and hotel. One of the prime attractions that it has for many visitors is that it is conveniently located about halfway between the popular resort casinos of the strip and the classic feel of the downtown Las Vegas area and the Fremont Street Experience.

The Stratosphere’s position on the Las Vegas Strip, slightly removed from the more popular and congested area where the big name casinos are, has led to it being a little more economical of a choice for accommodations in the city. The casino at the Stratosphere is laid out well and offers all of the standard gaming options that people come to expect of a major Las Vegas casino. The casino does also offer a few variations on popular card games that are hard to find elsewhere. With well over 2,000 rooms in their hotel, they are more than equipped to handle every type of reservation, from individuals to large groups, and even corporate get-togethers.

The three most unique attractions at the Stratosphere all have to do with the tall observation tower that is the signature attraction of the casino. The observation tower is a popular place for visitors to the city to go and get a view of the entire Las Vegas area, but there are three amusement park type rides on the tower itself. The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest observation tower in the United States, which makes the ‘Big Shot’ which is perched at the 1,081 foot mark the world’s highest thrill ride. Thee are two other thrill rides on the tower, the second highest thrill ride in the world is ‘Insanity the Ride’ which is 900 feet off the ground and then ‘XSCREAM’ which sits at 866 feet high is the third highest thrill ride in the world. These rides are not only popular with those staying at the Stratosphere, but with vacationers staying at the other casinos in the city as well. They make the Stratosphere something truly unique in terms of what the casino and hotel offers to visitors to the city.

There are so many options as far as where to stay during a vacation to Las Vegas that many times a traveler can feel more than a little bit overwhelmed when deciding on where to make reservations. The Stratosphere is a fun and exciting major casino on the Las Vegas Strip that offers everything travelers coming to Las Vegas have come to expect as well as notable extras like thrilling amusement park style thrill rides. The Stratosphere is also often more affordable than other major resort casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and that alone has the ability to make for a better vacation for the traveler. One of the strongest arguments for staying at the Stratosphere though is its location. It offers a great chance to be on the strip, but at the same time be geographically close to the popular downtown Las Vegas scene. When visiting Las Vegas, staying at the popular Stratosphere is a great choice for almost any traveler.


  1. I recently visited Las Vegas and also visited stratosphere. Its really amazing ans I also enjoyed tall observation. Las Vegas looks amazing from the top of the tower and all the casinos looks too different from there. Also enjoyed playing at Stratosphere casino. It was lots of fun there. I would like to visit there again.

  2. There’s no better place to start than the city of Las Vegas, famous for dazzling neon displays and fantastical mega-casinos. Whether by helicopter, plane, or bus, excitement awaits the adventurer.

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