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You Know You Need A Vacation When….

You have five minutes to yourself in your busy, hectic schedule and all you can think about is- you’re lying on a beach facing the pristine water, the waves rolling in frothy layers and slowly covering the shore and receding, the clouds a stark contrast of white against the bright blue of the sky. You’re laughing, singing and dancing like a wild coyote, or just lying down leisurely. All in all, you’re enjoying yourself for the first time in what feels like an eternity. Then you hear a phone ringing in the distance and it slowly gets louder until suddenly, you’re jolted back to reality, right into the middle of your routine busy life. But how do you know, when it’s time to put your foot, your phone, your work down, say “Enough is enough!”? Here are ten signs that scream, it’s time for you to pack up and fly into that heavenly vacation. Many firms are in need of a certified event planner for their corporate or business functions or meetings. It is much better hiring someone outside your company, then trying to do it inhouse. If you do any travel, they will help with your event.

Waking up in the morning seems like a task

If you’d rather just die or wither away lying on your bed than get up and face a new day of work, you’re not sleepy. You’re just plain exhausted and need that vacation.

When you just can’t process anything being said to you

Your boss is talking to you and you just phase out. I mean, you can see his/her lips moving but you’ve just entered your own La-la land where the bearings of the AC and the contents of your neighbour’s desk seem way too fascinating than the project that could decide whether you get the next promotion or not.

You consistently plan and then cancel your vacation, thanks to work commitments

Your people planned this amazing trip to an exotic locale, you’re all packed, you just step out of the house and your boss calls. Normally, someone would’ve told the boss to ask someone else to do the job. But you’re not normal, right? You just drop all your bags and run, rather hop, skip and jump gleefully towards your car to go to office, leaving your co-vacationers open-mouthed in astonishment. Hear the warning bells yet?

10 hours a day at your work desk appears far more appealing than 10 days of rest

Okay, seriously. What? This is not the kind of stuff we’d like urban legends to be made of. The red light is beeping in your face. STOP. GO ON A HOLIDAY.

When the only non-work “trip” you take, is to the doctor’s

Working like a donkey possessed by some evil spirit we dare not speak of, will obviously leave you drained. What were you expecting, glowing skin? Your body keeps giving way every now and then, pleading for a break. But then again, you’re possessed, aren’t you? Plus, a trip to the doctor’s also makes up as a mini-break, right? WRONG.

You’ve forgotten your personal commitments

A few dates like your grand aunt’s birthday or your cousin’s pet’s death anniversary can be forgotten. But when you start forgetting birthdays including your own, anniversaries or dinner dates with people really close to you and only because you had work to do, you’re heading into serious trouble… with them.

When the days just go by

You enter work, you sit at your desk, get up a few times in between to answer nature’s call and to gobble food and come back to the desk and work again. Then you go on till you suddenly realize the day has come to an end. You pack up, come back home, change clothes, eat and hit the bed. All this while, there is minimum communication with the family or any earthlings for that matter. Even a pavement rock seems far more communicative. SOS: Vacation needed.

When you cling to technology like it’s your oxygen:

You can’t keep away from your phone/ laptop for more than an hour. Scratch that. You can’t stay away for anything more than ten minutes, lest you miss some “important” work update.

When a lazy stroll is tiring, but working through the night isn’t:

Okay, head’s up- the last time I checked, there’s no Nobel Prize for “Workaholic of the Century”. Your commitment to work even puts The President’s schedule to shame.

When you’re FINALLY on a vacation and you just ignore….

Hallelujah! The glorious moment has finally arrived. There you are, floating away to glory, one with the tranquil of the shattering blue ocean, blissfully ignoring EVERYTHING, including the massive white shark which is swimming dangerously close to your float while typing away to glory on your laptop or phone. Inhumanly busy routine and a fried mind do that to you.

All said and done, just remember one thing. “Being forever married to your work is so cool!” said NO ONE ever.

Jacqueline Hernandez is the author of this article. She works for Redgirl Adventures. They deal in planning and booking all women holiday retreats in Bali and other beautiful places.

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