The Ultimate Card Game For Holidays – Spit

When you’re on holiday this isn’t just a great opportunity to see a new place and to unwind, it’s also  a great opportunity to bond with your friends or family and to come away feeling closer to them. Unfortunately in our busy day to day lives it seems that most of us have less and less time for the people that we love. We come home from a busy day at work and then feel too tired to go out and see friends, or want to spend the few hours we have with our family. Even our family will be tired from their own days out and this means that often they will spend the time just sitting in front of the television and not really interacting. 

On a holiday however you will explore and have adventures together, you will see new places and do exciting things and you will spend the whole time together with no boring distractions and lots of energy. You come away then feeling like a tighter friendship group or family unit and that’s a great feeling.

But to make the most of this you need to think of some things to do together. Enter: cars – a perfect set of games that you can chat while playing and that you can easily transport with you. Whether you use it to pass time at the airport or to play with on your balcony while you watch the sun go down this is a great way to bond and unwind. Here is one of the most action packed card games you can play with one other traveller that will test your speed and wits…

How to Play Spit

Spit is an incredibly fast paced game that’s a bit different from the norm but highly competitive. It’s a game for two people in which you each get dealt half the deck. Now before play you will organize the cards into rows facing downwards except for the end card with the rows decreasing in length – 5 rows in total, the first with five cards and the last with just one (in other words like solitaire). The rest of the cards you are going to keep in one hand in a pile without looking.

Now what you are going to do is to lay down your top card into two piles in the middle – a left and a right pile. What you do next is to then take the cards from in front of you and to place them on top of the pile where they match – so you can play a seven onto a seven. When you remove the end card from your solitaire strips (using just one hand) you can then turn over the card underneath, and you can rearrange the cards in your piles if you like just as you would with solitaire (so in other words you can move a red queen onto a black king) in order to free up another end card to turn over and potentially play.

This continues with each player racing to use their one free hand to place their cards down first until neither play has any moves left. They then deal the next card from their pile onto the two middle piles, and go again until the point where one player has used up all the cards in front of them and can then shout ‘Spit’ and grab the smaller pile in the middle. The other player must then begin the next round at a disadvantage so that they have all the cards they still have as well as the larger of the two piles in the middle. The game continues until one player gets rid of all their cards.

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