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Travelling To Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the city is a famous commercial hub with various attractions as well as interesting places for tourists and visitors to go to when they are in the city. Among the special feature of Toronto is the historical Yonge Street, a famous tourist attraction which also happens to be the longest street in the world. For those who are looking to visit this famous attraction, they can consider reserving a room at the various Toronto hotels that are available in the city.

Apart from these places, Toronto is also famous for the various cuisines that you can get in the city. This is evident from the large number of famous Toronto restaurants that people would love to go to in order to get a taste of famous Toronto foods. The CN Tower revolving restaurant is also another attraction that is available only in Toronto and one can dine in the restaurant while enjoying the scenic view of the city. The tower itself dominates the Toronto skyline which makes it an impressive place in itself for tourists to visit.

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What a romantic place to visit. Night lights are everywhere, skyscraper building, peaceful and romantic dinner in open air..
I really recommend it to every couple who wants to propose his/her boy/girlfriend

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