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Top Things To Do While You’re Stuck At The Airport

Understandably people tend to get very disheartened when they miss their flight or their plane is delayed. The former results in a lot of wasted money which is of course rather distressing, while either will mean that you miss out on some of the time you were meant to spend on your holiday and at your destination. No one books time off work or spends lots of money so that they can sit in an airport…

However while it’s distressing there’s really nothing you can do about it, and getting upset isn’t going to help. The best reaction to this situation then is to simply try to make the most of your position and to try and to have as much fun as you can while you’re here. While you’re at the airport you may not be relaxing in the sun, but at the same time you’re not stuck working in the office either – you’re still able to relax and you still don’t have any pressing jobs to do so it’s a perfect opportunity to unwind and relax.

The other good news is that there’s plenty to do here too, so let’s look at some suggestions for how you can use this extra time…

Rest: Of course getting some shut eye can often be a good idea and it can help you to preserve more energy for the journey ahead. While the sofas may not be overly large or comfortable, for most people they’ll suffice for a nap, and if you take it in shifts you can get a good hour or two’s sleep out of it.

Shopping: There’s plenty of shopping to be done at the airport, and all of it is duty free to boot. So one way to make the most of this situation is to just spend some time browsing the shops and looking for deals. And of course you can also buy something to make your stay in the hotel more enjoyable or more relaxing – why not pick up a good book for instance, or a blanket?

Pub: There are plenty of pubs here and lots of bars and restaurants too. Most of us are forever looking for a good opportunity/excuse to hit the pub at home, so why not take the opportunity now to enjoy a couple of drinks?

Games: If there’s lots of you then one of the best ways to distract yourselves from the situation is to play a game. Go and buy a pack of cards from one of the shops in the airport, head into the pub and sit around a table to play some Poker or Shed. Likewise you can play any of the games you might have brought with you, or just good old fashioned I-spy.

Arcades: Most airports have arcades in them which will provide you with a great opportunity to play pinball or a host of other entertaining games. If there’s a few of you then many of these are multiplayer too.

Read: This is the obvious option. A watched pot never boils, but if you immerse yourself in a good book then time can really fly. And if you’re not a fan of reading fiction then you can always pick up a magazine. It’s probably what you’d be doing around the pool anyway…

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