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Top Five Reasons To Visit Canada

Canada might not be the cheapest destination in the world and it’s certainly not the hottest, but when it comes to awe inspiring scenery, the ridiculously large country is pretty hard to beat.

Throw in a few cosmopolitan and sky scraper laden cities and you have a tourist destination that should be on everybody’s bucket list. Should you be considering heading North, here are five reasons to find yourself in Canada in 2012.

The Skyscrapers in Toronto

Downtown Toronto

If you love the tall buildings of New York but not the random street shootings, Toronto is likely to be right up your alley. It’s skyline is awe inspiring, it’s people cosmopolitan and it’s nightlife options both endless and hectic.

In many ways, it offers all of the thrills of New York but in a much cleaner, and significantly safer, package. There’s a reason that it’s often described as a French version of the Big Apple.

The Snow

quiet evening

If you love all things Winter sport related, you are likely to be very much at home in Canada. Perhaps it’s because the freezing cold Winters leave very little else to do but Canadians love their skiing, snowboarding and hockey.

Though it’s by no means a cheap experience, that fact is made up for somewhat by the spectacular scenery that’s pretty much standard at Canadian ski resorts. If you thought the Alps were impressive, wait until you see the Rocky Mountains.

Another benefit of Canada in terms of winter sports is that the average Winter in Canada is both incredibly long and incredibly cold. It’s therefore one of the most reliable destinations in the world in terms of guaranteed powder. 

The French Thing

If you’ve always wanted to go to Europe but have been put off by the long flight, you are likely to adore Quebec. Most first time visitors to the region are surprised to discover just how much culture shock one can experience without crossing a single border. You’re still in Canada, but not.


Those who find themselves in regions capital, Montreal, are also likely to enjoy the worlds largest underground mall. Considering the city receives more snow than any other comparatively sized city worldwide, the strange underground city is the very definition of convenient.

The Nature

In terms of sheer beauty, it’s pretty difficult to beat Canada. From Niagara Falls in the East to the Rocky Mountains in the West, nature fans will find themselves with plenty to photograph.

Those who want to get up close and personal with all things nature related are also likely to appreciate the wide range of national parks and camping opportunities. Though BC’s GlacierNational Park is probably the most impressive, wherever you hike in Canada, stunning vistas tend to come as standard.


Downtown Vancouver

Finally, we have Vancouver, an essential mention in any article outlining why somebody should visit Canada. The most unique selling point of the city would probably have to be how neatly it manages to combine big city living with nature.

In no less than fifteen minutes, it’s possible to get from a bustling city street to a hikers version of paradise. Add in a young, cosmopolitan crowd and a correspondingly varied nightlife and you are left with the perfect place to simply forget yourself.

About the author: Paul Thompson is a well known travel writer who extensively writes for that is known to render services to people who wish to immigrate to Canada.

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