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Top Attractions In Miami, Florida

Miami Beach Florida

If you are going to go to Miami, Florida, as a tourist, we have provided you with this list of top destinations that you can visit there. As you probably already know, Miami is one of the most attractive destinations to travelers all around the world. There are so many places to visit that it is impossible to list down all of the things you could do. Whenever you travel to this area, you will certainly have a great time. This article will help add some value to your trip.

#1 Miami Children’s Museum — What an experience for all ages. There are tours that are bilingual so everyone can enjoy them. They have educational classes and plenty of displays.

#2 Miami Art Museum — This includes incredible art from eras beginning as early as 1940. They have sculptures, paintings and photography.

#3 Vizcaya Museum and Gardens — This was the winter retreat for John Deering, back in 1914. The main house has been kept up and contains many of the original decoration pieces as well as the original furniture. They have 10 acres of gardens and restored buildings.

#4 Miami Seaquarium — This is where the famous Flipper show was filmed. You can swim with the dolphins. They have all kinds of exhibits and have been in business since the mid 50s.

#5 Offshore Rockets — The people that worked on Miami Vice are glad to share with you the thrills of jet power boats. You can learn all about them in your visit.

#6 South Beach — I could probably write several articles on South Beach itself. It is a fantastic area. Lots of shopping, beautiful beaches, and a night life like no other place in the country.

#7 Art Deco Historic District — This is one complete square mile of about eight hundred stucco buildings that have all been restored. You can take a walking tour through this area and see some beautiful buildings.

#8 Little Havana — Sights, sounds and tastes of the country Cuba, minus the Cigars. This is a real authentic area, make sure if you go you catch some food.

#9 Miami Nice Tours — This group offers tours of various things around Miami. You can go snorkeling take a day tour of the Everglades and go see the beautiful Key West.

#10 Island Queen — A guided boat tour of the Biscayne Bay. They have beautiful boats that take you out on the narrated tour.

This sums up the top ten best attractions to visit if you are in Miami. If you get all this done in your vacation, you were either there for a long time, or a miracle worker. As always, enjoy your trip!

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