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Touring Tokyo In One Day

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

So you’re stuck in Narita Airport and, because you got the cheapest flight imaginable, you have a day and a half to kill before jetting off to Asia for your big backpacking adventure. You’ve got some time to kill, so you could visit Narita Temple for half a day, have a snack at some restaurant, and spend the rest of your wait at some cheap airport hotel. If you’re more adventurous, however, you may want to try visiting Tokyo. Tokyo is about a 1.5 hour train ride from Narita Airport. Be sure to take the Sobu Rapid line (the Dark Blue One) to Ueno Station, and from there take the Yamanote Line (The Green One) to Shibuya Station. Many firms are in need of a certified event planner for their corporate or business functions or meetings. It is much better hiring someone outside your company, then trying to do it inhouse. If you do any travel, they will help with your event.