Visiting Nicosia In Cyprus


Nicosia is the centrally located capital of Cyprus and also the largest city on the island. It is also the world’s last divided capital between the Greek Cypriots in the south and the Turkish Cypriots in the north. The barbed wire and guardtowers of the Green Line cuts the town in two, with the northern side being the capital of the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the southern half being the capital of the Republic of Cyprus. Politics aside, Nicosia is a little short on both the archaeological treasure troves and beaches with pulsating nightlife that bring most visitors to Cyprus. But the Old City with its museums and churches is pleasant enough, and precisely due to the comparative lack of tourists, the city retains more of an authentically Cypriot air than the resorts of the southern coast. Fantastic little cafes invite you in for a Cypriot coffee, so just walk around and see the many woodworking shops that are deep within the City, and take a walk down to the Green Line. Being the financial and administrative centre of the island, it is by far the best place for shopaholics.