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How To Stock Up And What To Cook When You’re Staying In A Villa

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Staying in a villa when you’re on holiday has many advantages and is useful in many ways. Not only will renting an apartment this way mean that you get all the freedom that comes from having your own space, and mean that you can split the cost of staying there between anyone you’re on holiday with, but it also means that you can save money and time by buying your food in meaning that you don’t have to eat out every night which can be very expensive and meaning that you can use all of the facilities such as a freezer and stove to store, cook and prepare your food.

But making the most of this means making sure that you buy the best food and prepare the best meals – ones that will be easy to make, that won’t take too long, and that will be cost effective. Here we will look at some suggestions as to the kinds of things you can cook when you’re staying in a villa.



Paella is a great thing to make when you’re on holiday, particularly of course if you’re in Spain and you want to indulge yourself in the local culture. What makes it very useful though is simply how easy it is to make, how filling it is, and how much you can make it bulk. If you have a group of you sharing a villa and you want to make something nice and big for everyone to enjoy, then this is a great option.



There are plenty of pasta dishes you can make when you’re staying in a villa, but something like bolognaise is ideal. This is because it’s once again very filling and easy to make in bulk, but even better it can be stored to be eaten later. If you don’t eat all of it then take a large bulk, put it in a big bowl and cover it over in the fridge for tomorrow or for a day when you just don’t have time to make something entirely new.

Scrambled Egg

Scrambled eggs on toast with bacon at Speakeasy

This is a great dish to be able to serve up in the morning. Like the others it can be made in bulk which makes it very useful if you are cooking for a family or a group of friends. It’s also great hangover food – particularly if you also make bacon butties.

Rolls and Ham

Cinnamon rolls

You also want the kind of food that will last you a long time and that’s easy to grab throughout the day/bring with you on excursions. Buying lots of rolls and ham (and maybe some sliced cheese) is a great way to accomplish this and is the kind of food that will sustain your group over the course of a couple of weeks. This is also nicely bland for anyone suffering stomach troubles.


Soulmate Cheeses?

Having a few big bags of crisps are also great for evenings in, or just to grab a snack when you’re feeling package.

Fruit and Veg


You’ll want some fruit and veg, and great options are things like bananas which taste the same wherever you are and which can be kept in the fridge. Having some salad is also great as a side, or even a main course when you’re feeling stodgy.

Tinned Beans

057 - Heinz 57 varieties

Beans on toast, or on a baked potato, are one of the simplest and quickest meals you can make and will of course store well even in blistering heat.


Dad + Barbeque = AWESOME

Not every villa will have the facilities for a BBQ, but those that do offer you a great way to cook in bulk that will allow you to bond as a group and enjoy a great sunshine activity around the pool. It’s also relatively cheap to buy BBQ meat, just make sure you cook it thoroughly and don’t forget things like fire-lighters.

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