Staying At A French Chateau

French castle

French castles are usually constructed in enviable locations, with stunning vistas over rural France. You can take in the countryside from your room in a castle on top of a hill. Historically, these castles were usually built atop hills for obvious strategic defence. They provide a retreat where you can wind down, rest your weary feet and take advantage of the host’s outstanding local knowledge. Chateaux are an attractive feature to tourists and visitors alike for its impressive gardens. They are for sure worth a visit in the summertime for garden festival alone. Many of these gardens are unbelievably interactive and extremely sensory designed to capture the imaginativeness of children and adults. If you have never stayed in a French chateaux before, there are many reasons why you ought to when you happen to have the chance to do so.

Chateaux styles vary depending on the epoch in which they were constructed and their location in France. French castles have design running through their core and it is a joy to stay someplace that has been designed and decorated with an heart for detail and finish. From the fine architectural details such as the stunning plaster work, sweeping stone staircases, gorgeous tiling, to the various wrought iron balustrades, aesthetical marble and stone fireplaces, magnificent French chandeliers and sconces, it is for sure a lifestyle that everybody would die for. Everything in a French chateau is typically design-led. Service is also very important in a French chateaux. The host will ensure that guests want for nothing, and yet the service is discreet, so that guests do not experience intimidation or as if they are being hassled. The lower number of guests at a French chateau means that the service can be faultless, and it usually is.

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