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Stay Safe On Your Vacation To Mauritius

Mauritius is a great island full with natural beauty and diversity but it isn’t a safe place for travelers. Stay aware for your your protection in Mauritius. Open your eyes and try to judge people with your common sense and look out for any suspicious behavior. Do you homework before leave for your vacations in Mauritius. Be a smart traveler and prepare general travel insurance and don’t forget to check what are the conditions and actions are not insured by your policy. Register your travel itinerary and contact details with your embassy and Mauritius emergency team, so that the emergency team can contact you if there is any kind of emergency.

Though the crime levels in Mauritius are low but the rates are increasing day by day. Maximum of crime took place with the foreign tourists. Assault and rape of foreign tourists often occur in Mauritius. Downtown Port Louis is the most dangerous place in Mauritius, maximum of incidents took place here. If you can try to avoid the coastal tourist centers.

Beaches after dark is not a good idea in Mauritius. Security risks doubled after the dark in Mauritius.The city streets and in other secluded areas are not safe place for travelers at night. It is advised to avoid the unregistered beach side bungalows. Many tourist reported that they have been assaulted,raped and robbed while staying at the unregistered beach side bungalows.

Safety Tips:

  • Avoid unregistered beach side bungalows.
  • Avoid any unexpected offer of discounted guided tour.
  • Avoid any unregistered taxis.

If you think that you are in trouble, call the Mauritius Tourist Police (+230 213 2818) immediately.

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