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South Africa Family Holidays: Something For Everyone

A holiday to South Africa is truly the trip of a lifetime, and it cannot be compared to any other vacation destination. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors decide to take a South African holiday, and none of them is left disappointed. South Africa was ranked one of Travellers’ Choice best vacation destinations in 2012 and there are plenty of reasons. There are many different holiday spots to choose from in this beautiful country, and the best part about it is that there is something for everyone.

South Africa has the perfect mix of culture and adventure to meet the needs of many different tourists from all around the world. It is possible to find a little bit of everything in South Africa, and that is the reason why it is one of the most travelled holiday destinations in the entire continent of Africa.

First Stop: Cape Town

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most popular cities and there are good reasons for the popularity of this fun and exciting city. Cape Town is the home to South Africa’s national botanical gardens. These national botanical gardens have been around for many years, and for those of us who love exotic plants, trees and flowers, they are completely breath-taking. They have captivated travellers from far and wide, and annually Cape Town receives many repeat visitors from tourists that desire to see the gardens at different times of the year. There are also many amazing villas in Cape Town’ for example by searching on it is possible to choose the perfect holiday home that is just right for your family.

Apart from the national gardens, there is The Cape Of Good Hope, one of the major tourist draws in the city of Cape Town. In this breath-taking nature reserve, visitors can walk along beautiful trails while taking in all of the exotic and unique animals of South Africa. This is the perfect destination for any lover of nature, because the splendour of the South African country is always on display here. Cape Town is widely known for its wonderful climate, and besides the weather, there is spectacular scenery around every corner.

Head to Enchanting Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a very captivating city. It has some of the country’s most cherished and well preserved historical sites. In the city of Johannesburg, there is a perfect mix of big city culture and international flavour that many travellers have come to love and admire. There are five star restaurants that serve top of the line food that can be found only in Johannesburg, and there is no wonder why many celebrities choose to vacation here year after year.

Beach Lovers’ Paradise

There are many travellers who only want to go to beach destinations and that is another wonderful thing about South Africa – it is the home to many delightful beaches. The Durban Beach is one of South Africa’s most popular beaches and beach resort areas. It stands above others because of its natural beauty, but apart from its natural beauty it is surrounded by a very elegant resort area. Many surfers and swimmers alike choose to travel to Durban beach, not only because of the peaceful and serene atmosphere, but also because it has some of the best surfing and swimming areas in the world. Durban beach has a very big colonial and Indian influence, and the mix of these two cultures together makes it a truly unique and intriguing city that cannot be compared with anywhere else in Africa.

South Africa – The Perfect Destination

In South Africa, there is truly something for everyone. Whether a person chooses to climb to the top of its splendid mountains, or swim in the deep ocean, there is the perfect spot for any traveller. A holiday in South Africa is truly unlike any other African holiday that a family can take because when taking a South African adventure holiday the trip of a lifetime awaits

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