Rural Tourism In Nepal


Nepal is considered as one of the poorest countries in the world. However, tourism in this country plays a very important role. Nepal is very popular among the professional travelers and bag packers. It attracts tourists by both: ancient history and unbelievably beautiful nature, rafting is very popular there. Quite recently, there has appeared a very special kind of tourism – rural or village tourism. It gives a possibility to get acquainted with probably the main treasures of the country: culture, customs and traditions. As a rule, tourists in Nepal repose on the specially built resorts and singly made tents. Rural tourism allows them to get in the everyday life and culture of the local residents.

The majority of the population in Nepal lives in the villages and a tourist has a possibility to stay in one of those. He will be able not only to watch sidewise the life in the village, but also to participate directly in it. The way of life of resident population doesn’t change, influenced by the tourists, it remains the same. Tourists eat the dishes common to the ordinary residents, they have the possibility to take participation in the rural living.

There is one more important reason why this kind of tourism compares favorably with the traditional one. Money, spent by tourists is given straight to the population. If the rural tourism develops further, it will be able to play an important role in country’s development, decreasing the poverty level. Local administration greatly supports this kind of tourism.

Tourism Council plans to launch a project on the forest planting and environmental protection, in order to give the tourist industry incentives for development. However, it is worth mentioning that specialists see a particular danger in rural tourism: it can destructively affect the culture and way of life of the local population.


  1. It is better to include the name of Dr Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang in the article writtten.Dr Pradhanang who pioneered the concept of Village Tourism in Nepal is a Nepali national.We must have the culture of acknowledgements when a Nepali invented the village tourism concept on the Nepalese soil.

    Thanks !


  2. Reading Rural or Village Tourism in Nepal is good to us.I am happy to know that Dr Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang of Nepal is the Father of Village Toursm/Father of Rural Tourism in Nepal.He is the first person who pioneered and propounded the Village tourism/Rural tourism concept in Nepal.I agree the writer has to highlight the pioneer personality of Nepalese national who significantly contributed for village tourism/rural tourism development .It is our glory to Nepal and Nepali.

    Thanks to writer !

    Rosy Shresth

  3. Rural tourism in Nepal is good to read in the internet.It is good to readers all of us.When we speak of Rural tourism in Nepal,it automatically comes the name of Dr Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang of Nepal in frontline of the history of Rural tourism in Nepal.
    Dr Pradhananag’s idea and concept of Rural tourism/Village tourism is very great and popular in Nepal and world as a whole.His contribution and writing are well known and unforgettable to all Nepali people and Nepal.We clearly know he propounded the village tourism/rural tourism concept in Nepal.
    But, truly speaking, I read and felt something unusual and unright thing happened in Nepalese tourism market when some writers in rural tourism copied and pirated Dr Pradhanang’s manuscript of village tourism line by line and word by word without quoting his name and contribution in reality.The writers who are professional pirates made Dr Pradhanang’s concept as their own concept,which is very bad ,odd and tedious to read and brainstorm in false.For examples, I read articles – ‘Rural Tourism to create euitable and growing economy in Nepal ‘ in Souvenior 2008 published by NATHM and ‘A case study of Rural tourism in Sirubari.’ These gave me bad and false information.
    I suggest to those persons not to copy and pirate like this.It is good to write articles by quoting the name and work of the real contributer and propunder of Rural tourism.

    Thank you !

    Jaya Hanuman Jaisi

  4. Just want to say Nepal is not a poor country,it Just doesn’t have the required requisites.Also,its not far from development as well.its coming up,wait and watch….

    –Jai Nepal

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  6. uuuuuhhhhh,,,,,,the beauty of nepal””is awesommmmm,,,,,

    N nepal ki jai ho”’

  7. I do not agree with your very first sentences. Nepal is not a poor country. We are the most happy people of this world. Only poor people of this country are politicians. and they are very few.
    No tourist would like to visit a poor country. You are promoting Nepal or killing tourism.

  8. I’m student of Rural Development
    we need knowladge of rural tourism because I’m intersted to know about it and it is also course of RD 2nd year subject (Rural Turism )

  9. i am a student of development finance and i think it (rural tourism) can help the people living in rural area to enhance their standard of living.
    but the government and various organization related to tourism industry have not been able to promote and develop the rural area.
    thank you .

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