Replacing Your Boat’s Outboard Motor Pump

Replacing your boat's outboard motor pump 1

It might seem like a frightening task, but replacing your outboard motor pump is easier than you think. Here are just a few tips for making it happen.

1. Gather Everything You Need

Don’t wait until the middle of the project to go dashing back in the house for a forgotten part. Gather all of your screws, sealants and mounts so everything is on hand when you need it.

2. Drop the Gearcase

This will give you access to the pump and its all parts, including the all-important impeller blades. Make sure you’ve done your research in regards to the make and model of your pump. Some gearcases are moved differently than others.

3. Clean the Impellers

If you’ve been taking your boat out all season, your impeller blades have probably accumulated a lot of mud, sand, sticks, algae and other remnants of your time on the water. It goes without saying that these need to be cleared away.

4. Remove the Old Water Pump

You’ll probably need a fitting socket to do the job. Again, the specifics will depend on your particular kind of pump. Flojet water pumps have different needs than Johnson pumps.

5. Put in the New Water Pump

Ease it in gradually. Don’t force anything. If you hear strange grinding noises or if your pump acts like it doesn’t want to fit even though it’s the right size, stop what you’re doing and approach it from another angle.

6. Put Sealer on Your Gaskets

This is such an important step that you’d be surprised to learn how many boat owners completely forget about it. If you don’t want your pump to start leaking, be absolutely sure to put the sealer on its parts!

7. Consult the Manual

When in doubt, check the manual. You can also look online for how-to guides and video tutorials. Whatever you do, don’t muddle along if you think you’ve made a mistake somewhere. You could permanently ruin your pump.

These are just seven steps to replacing your outboard motor pump. You’re now one step closer to getting your boat back on the water where it belongs!

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