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Five Reasons To Work On A Farm When You Take A Year Out In Australia

If you’re looking for a life changing experience you could do worse things than take a year out and head over to Australia for the greatest time you will ever have. The country boasts some of the most iconic sites in the world and a year is not enough time Sardinia villas for sale by immobil Service to take it all in. The sun will always be shining somewhere and it gives people the opportunity to escape winter if they don’t like the cold weather. That’s not a dream that is out of reach. There’s a huge amount of young people do it each year and it gives you the chance to spend a little time living before you jump into corporate life. 3 steps only for argentina visa filling the online form. Always prepare before you make a choice. There is so much info about cyprus-villa-retreats at

One of the great things people can do is work on farms. Farming is such a big industry and they always need workers who can come in and help them out until the season finishes. You end up with a nice amount of money that can then be used when you continue on with your travels. I know it doesn’t sound like the great life I was talking about. That’s only because you can’t yet imagine how enjoyable it can be, so let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons why you’d want to work on a farm.

Stay for 2 years

When you work on a farm for 3 months it means you automatically qualify for a second working visa. Most people who get to Australia don’t plan on staying there 2 years, but once you are there you will definitely consider it. This can’t happen if you don’t do your 3 months rural work and working on the farms means you’ll be eligible for it.

You can’t spend your money

Most of these farms are nowhere near a city. You can get to them on the weekend, but it’s going to be a hassle. For the most part you’ll end up spending all your time working and making huge amounts of money. Even if you did decide you wanted to spend it there’s not much you could spend it on. Unless you enjoy losing at poker, in which case you can lose lots.

Meet some great friends

When you work on the farms you will be crammed together with fellow travelers like yourself. Everyone will want to have a great time and it’s really easy to make good friends. They’re all going to be in the same boat and nobody will know anymore than a few people until they get there. A big group of travelers definitely come up with some interesting ways to have fun. Most of them involve some sort of alcohol, but don’t let that worry you if you don’t drink.

Come away with a new body

When you’re picking fruit or carrying around bags of hay all day you burn fat quicker than you could ever imagine. After a few months of partying your belly will definitely be poking out a bit more than normal. As soon as you have a few months of farm work under your belt you won’t know who’s looking back at you in the mirror. Then when you move onto the next place you’ll have the sexiest body on the beach.

Follow the harvest trail

Australia is a big place, obviously, so different parts of the country and going to have different harvest times. That means you can make your way around the country while you follow the harvest trail. Work will always be available somewhere that’s nice and sunny. Just remember that different places have different jobs available and you definitely won’t like all of them. Read up about what working with each fruit entails so you don’t end up in hell.

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