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Travelling To Venice


Venice’s lovely cathedrals and churches are too numerous to count; the most famous are Chiesa di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari which is a huge Gothic church, and the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. If you are not interested in ancient history but are more interested in shopping for souvenirs or related stuff, then some of the most interesting shops are located in two areas that lead off San Marco Square. The history of Venice is a very long and troubled one, and the many monuments are a testament to this fact.


Romancing A Himalayan Sanctuary


Something or the other will certainly dominate in this region. The elements have to battle one another and yet co-exist in harmony. The Teesta will, for instance, roar threateningly through deep gorges, carving out narrow valleys. The slopes here will be steeper than anywhere else in the world. Mountain faces will be sharper than is normally the case and yet be greener than can ever be imagined. Even in the wrong season. The Red Panda, no matter how cuddly and small, will quietly survive the mercurial temperament of nature. As will the Yak. Trembling in the snows, still plodding on. Glaciers will rumble forbiddingly. Avalanches will thunder down on them. Yet the peaks would glow, drawing themselves up to their full height, their beauty brazenly establishing the true hierarchy of nature. Snow storms and white will be be at one end of the spectrum and hot weather at lower climes will define the climatic boundaries of the region. The Kangchenjunga will loom above it all, its illusion making a mockery of the reality of Everest.


Rural Tourism In Nepal


Nepal is considered as one of the poorest countries in the world. However, tourism in this country plays a very important role. Nepal is very popular among the professional travelers and bag packers. It attracts tourists by both: ancient history and unbelievably beautiful nature, rafting is very popular there. Quite recently, there has appeared a very special kind of tourism – rural or village tourism. It gives a possibility to get acquainted with probably the main treasures of the country: culture, customs and traditions. As a rule, tourists in Nepal repose on the specially built resorts and singly made tents. Rural tourism allows them to get in the everyday life and culture of the local residents.

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Know About Mongolia


Mongolia is a land of horses and herdsmen and one of the last great, undisturbed wilderness areas on earth. Among its 2.4 million people are some of the last truly nomadic pastoralists marriott marbella beach club in the world but how long they will survive is questionable. About one-third of the scant population are concentrated in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, whereas the dwindling population of nomads, herdsmen with their millions of head of livestock, are spread thin throughout this nation. The people are well matched to the land they inhabit, they are tough, resilient, stoical by dint of necessity, but genuinely fun-loving, easy going and kind.

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Visiting Costa Del Sol


Have you ever found yourself looking enviously at friends’ cheap holidays to the Costa del Sol, but asking “yes, but aside from the gorgeous weather and golden beaches, what is there to do in the region?” If you answered yes to this highly specific question, then let me be the first one to tell you that actually there are many attractions surrounding Costa del Sol. Holidays to the Costa del Sol have something for everyone. From culture vultures to sports enthusiasts, there will be something for you.


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