1. I used to eat out every day while on holidays abroad and it used to be so expensive. Now I always eat in a day or two out of the vacation, it’s fun for a family and buying food from a foreign supermarket it always an interesting experience.

  2. Milda Holloway

    It is well-nigh impossible to travel in Italy without finding something historic – Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the planet, and there are tons of things that UNESCO doesn’t trouble listing that are most likely more ancient than whatever you’ve encountered before. Italy is a nation with history.

  3. I like the “don’t follow the herd” tip. Most folks think of the obvious spots like Disney but many other locations can be cheaper and offer other attractions. Our family likes Martha’s Vineyard. It’s close to us but is an island so it feels like we’re “getting away”. It has fabulous scenery and beaches.

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