1. John Nicholls

    So happy you included my favourite place in the world, Vanuatu. Actualy the image of Erakor island you used could of been taken from my verandah (albeit a little higher than my view).

    Vanuatu is a stunning destination both culturally, and geographically, so diverse with a lot to do and full of friendly people, with no political unrest or religious extremes.
    You can see thousands of photos of the numerous islands I have visited in Vanuatu over the many years my wife and I have lived here. http://picasaweb.google.com/vanuatutravel ….and don’t forget to have lots of fun and get out of Port Vila (the capital) to experience the real Vanuatu.

    Tropical regards from paradise!
    John Nicholls

  2. Beautiful ideas… there’s nothing like a romantic getaway to keep the romance alive! That Vanuatu pic is stunning- what could be more gorgeous than those blue waters?

  3. These are some great unique suggestions, I like that you have included some less well know places such as Tasmania and Vanuatu. Winter romantic escapes are always great for long walks and cuddling up to a loved one in front of the fire…

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