1. Heya nice interpretation on visiting Malaysia, tho I think it’s not fully accurate. lol.

    It really depends on where you visit – if you are in KL, speaking English is quite ok. But of course if you are in small kampungs or smaller towns, then you are right – Mandarin or Malay will help a great deal!

    And yes, one thing is true, Malaysians are not as flexible as the warm Thais in that sense. But nevertheless, you can expect some Malaysian smiles 🙂

  2. I am agreed with Quachee statement. Most students or undergraduate are more open-minded and caring. If you guys happen to stumble upon problems u can actually ask for help. And always smile as I believe Malaysian will smile back^^

  3. True true. For smoker, i think it is really better to smoke accordingly..though there may be some malaysian smoking on the street….just bear in mind that second hand smoke is very bad for health.
    Well, have fun in Malaysia^^

  4. i have never been to Malaysia, but my dad went on tour this early summer, and it wad an amazing experience for him there, i wish when ill visit this beautiful country…

  5. I have learnt with my experience that it is alwyas good to gain some knowledge of the local customs before you go to an unknown country. If you are totally unaware of the feelings of the locals, you could offend them.

  6. Malaysia is a good place to spend your holiday. The mix of cultures will give different side of experiences. There are good beaches around too.

  7. Malaysian mostly are Moslem but their diversity in culture : Malay, Chinese,etc are at harmonious combination. As a developing country in South East Asia, Malaysia is one of the most favorite place as tourism destination.

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