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Four Exciting Things To Do In And Around Chicago

Chicago city

The United States has a number of very worthwhile destinations for those seeking to get away from it all, and one of the top places in America’s Midwest is the city of Chicago, Illinois. The city has a wide variety of entertainment options available to all who come its way. Chicago truly is one of those rare cities that offers something for everyone.

Here is a look at four exciting things to do in and around Chicago.

Professional Sports

Chicago is a perfect place to visit for any sports fan. The city has a long history of successful sports teams, players, and seasons. The city of Chicago has produced a number of legendary sports figures including George Halas, Michael Jordan, Ernie Banks, Dick Butkis, Carlton Fisk, and more. Being a part of this amazing sports town is as easy as purchasing tickets to any of the sporting events held there. Chicago is represented in the National Football League by the legendary Monsters of the Midway, the Chicago Bears. The NBA’s popular Chicago Bulls have won six championships during their time in the city. Chicago is blessed in the eyes of Major League Baseball fans with two teams, both with amazing histories, the Chicago White Sox of the American League and the Chicago Cubs of the National League. The National Hockey League is represented well in the community by the Chicago Blackhawks. The pro sports teams of Chicago have delivered exciting moments for years and years.

Boat Tours

One of the best ways to see the city of Chicago is by boat. There are boat tours that view nearly all parts of the city both from the river running through it and also the shores of Lake Michigan. There are a number of different companies that run these tours and all of them are very good at their jobs. Chicago is filled with stunning architecture and historically significant landmarks, and many of them are visible from the tour boats that frequent the waterways in and near the city. A boat tour of Chicago is a great way to both see the city and also to have a wonderful time. The tours run during the daytime and also at night which is perfect for either fun family outings or quiet romantic times.

Navy Pier

The Navy Pier is one of the most active and popular attractions in all of Chicago. For excitement, the pier offers something for almost everyone. The pier offers natural gardens, amusement park rides, unique and interesting eating establishments, and more. Even if someone cannot find something there to entertain themselves, the people watching opportunity is amazing.

Lincoln Park Zoo

With acres of beautifully landscaped areas, miles of pathways, and a great many wild animals on display, Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo is definitely one of the most exciting places to go, especially for children. The zoo features eating establishments, gift shops, and the best thing of all… wild animals. The exhibited species there include antelope, zebra, lions, sea lions, reptiles, birds of prey, gorillas, flamingos, bears, and more. There is also a specially designed children’s zoo that is perfect for those little hands to get in and figure out things for themselves.

A visit to Chicago is a great way to spend a weekend, a long weekend, or even an entire vacation. Whether for business or pleasure, anyone traveling to the city of Chicago will have more than enough opportunities for the types of excursions and experiences that will make their visit absolutely unforgettable. Chicago has been a popular destination for for millions of people for well over a century, it just takes one visit there to see just why.

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