1. I wanted to go to France too..but I would have trouble staying in France as I can only speak a bit of French =.=”. But France is definitely a good place for visiting…i want to go..

  2. FRANCE,,Bonjour. Nice country with sexy language..If got opportunity should pay a visit to there. But remember to equip yourself with some French. They appreciate tourist who could speak FRench no matter how bad it is^^

  3. Paris is like a country in itself – there are local customs that are unique and the city is huge! In counterpoint to the bustle of Paris the rest of France is relatively rural and most enjoy a lifestyle that many people in other developed countries might find a little old fashioned. However, the French value family very much and personally I love the culture.

    As Tonio says above, Biarritz is absolutely fantastic too, although it’s popularity has been waning since the 1930’s.

  4. I went to France two years ago for a web design competition. I stayed a few days in France and it was wonderful.

    I am going back again this year another web design competition. I can’t wait to visit Paris again.

    I have created a website about learning to how to speak french fluently. Please take a look.

  5. France has an endless supply of charm, great sites, great food and wine. Paris is a must, but if you have been there once or twice you should try other areas like the Loire Valley, Dordogne is really beautiful (my favorite area), Provence, Normandy, and Alsace.

  6. My favourite part of France is Brittany + Normandy – great beaches, fantastic food (crepes!) and much more laid back than the Cote d’Azur. Want to try the area around Biarritz next……

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