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Driving Holidays In Australia: Explore The Great Outdoors

How many people do you know that have spent a gap year in Australia?  It is so common to do this by now that it isn’t even original anymore!  However, you probably don’t want to be outdone and you need to visit Australia at least once in your life.  Unfortunately, the older you get, the more difficult it’s going to be to take a full year out of your schedule.  Not to worry, however, since you can do specific parts of Australia in just a few days.  That way, you can, at the very least, say you have been on a driving holiday through Australia!  Let’s take a look at the different options.

South West Australia

The south west of Australia is said to be the area with the most splendour in the country.  It is covered in karri forests, where the trees will tower above you.  The coastline is rugged and beautiful and there are quite a few wineries you can visit on your tour, some of the best in the world in fact.  These are all found in the region of the Margaret River, where you can enjoy picnics and quite simply have a good time.  Don’t drink and drive though!  Also, you can visit the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, which is found at Busselton.  You can also go for a tree top walk at Walpole, where you will enjoy the most amazing views.

The Red Centre of Australia

The red centre of Australia is like nothing you have seen before.  It is a big desert that may seem completely inhospitable on first glance.  However, you would be surprised at the amount of life in this desert.  There are deep gorges with waterholes and these give colour to the red rocks in the area and bring life to the desert.  There is also a very strong spiritual Aboriginal connection.  You can visit the Olgas (Kata-Tjuta), where the rocks are shaped like domes.  Visit the gorges of the Kings Canyon as well.  Make sure that you go to Ayers Rock (Uluru), which really is one of the most beautiful sights in Australia.  It is likely that you have already seen images of Uluru, but there is nothing quite like the real thing.  The size is absolutely breath taking.  If at all possible, make sure that you visit at either sunset or sunrise, where it will feel like you’ve stepped into another world.


So what about Tasmania?  Home of the Tasmanian Devil?  If you want to visit Tasmania, start by booking into Cradle Mountain at the Lake Saint Clair National Park.  From here, you can see all the beautiful landscapes of Tasmania.  It is like the exact opposite of the red centre, because there is a beautiful turquoise reef, rugged mountains, crystal clear lakes, a lush forest and beautiful rivers.

Other Areas

There are many other areas of Australia that you can visit.  It is such a huge country that you could come on holiday once a year and still not see it all by the end of your lifetime.  Consider the coastline, the bigger cities or one of the ocean roads for instance.  The sky is the limit.

If you want to go on a driving holiday through Australia, make sure you look into hiring a suitable car for the landscape you are travelling through.  Take a look at for a good idea of what is available.

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