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Cultural Vacations In Costa Rica

The people of Costa Rica draw pride from the fact they have been able to enjoy political stability for over fifty years now. This is a major achievement for the Latin American country. The country is also famous for its high levels of living. Education in the country is beyond reproach.

Costa Rica is a country that has a rich culture. This is because the country is the home of a number of races. Only one percent of the population can claim to be the indigenous natives of the country. Ticos have a very friendly personality. They will welcome all their visitors with a lot of hospitality. They are driven by the desire to live a pure lifestyle. The Costa Rican culture revolves around the family. Family is considered a very important aspect of society. For you to be able to enjoy the country’s culture, you need to walk the streets. This way, you will be able to find the Ticos carrying on with their day to day activities.

You can try learning Spanish in some of the language schools in the country. You will be given the option of staying with a Tico family in the course of the training. This will give you the opportunity to practice out what you learn with the natives. You will also get a better insight into their way of life.

Those people who are gifted in dancing can take up Latin American dance lessons. You will get a chance to learn how to dance the exotic Latin dances from the professionals. You can also get to experience the country’s culture by enrolling in cooking classes. You can also take a walk through their museums. They have very many museums that a tourist can visit.

A tourist can also opt to visit some of the famous cities in the area during his Costa Rica Vacations. In addition to that, they can also go to the historical cities in Cachi. Isla del Cano is famous for its stone spheres. No one has a viable explanation as to the existence of the stones. The most that experts can tell us is that the stones have been there since the beginning of the previous century. The mystery behind the stones has catapulted them to fame. People travel far and wide just to see them. The elites of the society make replicas of the stones and place them in their homes.

The most famous artist from Costa Rica is Francisco Amighetti. He was responsible for creating over 500 works of art in duration of seventy years.

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