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Five Awesome Flea Markets You Must Visit

Flea markets are a great way for you to find interesting and useful items for a very cheap price. Everything from home décor to parts for your car or truck can be found at flea markets, and they can easily help you purchase items you need or want without breaking the bank. There are flea markets all across the globe, but if you really want to enjoy some big and interesting flea markets, you’ll need to visit the following five.

1. Munich Giant Flea Market

The Munich Fruhjarsfest goes on annually in Munich, and on the opening weekend, there is avery large flea market for any and every one to visit. This is one of the largest flea markets in the world, annually bringing in about 3,000 exhibitors and over 1 million visitors every year. This flea market contains everything you could want, from fabrics to home appliances and everything in between.

2. Portobello Road Flea Market

Every Saturday, the Portobello Road Flea Market takes place in Notting Hill. Over 2,000 exhibitors are there selling everything from fresh fruit to books. Along with snagging great deals on a variety of items, there are plenty of food vendors along the way so you can stop and grab a tasty bite to eat. Plus, since the flea market is open every Saturday, it allows visitors to constantly check in with their favorite vendors to see if anything new and exciting has come in.

3. Shipshewana Flea Market

Tucked in the northern part of Indiana is the town of Shipshewana, and during the spring, summer and fall months, you can come and peruse the flea market on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This is known as the largest flea market in the Midwest of the United States, and hundreds of vendors fill up the market every week selling everything from random $1 items to name brand sunglasses and purses. If you have time to peruse the town of Shipshewana when you’re done taking in the flea market, you’ll enjoy a quaint little Amish town with a variety of shops and restaurants to visit.

4. Brooklyn Flea

The Brooklyn Flea is held in New York every year on Saturdays. From April through Thanksgiving, the event is held outdoors, and from Thanksgiving through April, it moves indoors so that visitors can experience the market year round. This market brings in hundreds of vendors, and the eclectic array of items that can be found and purchased at this flea market is truly unique. Artisan items, old books and artifacts can be found, but keep in mind that this flea market is not the usually bargain friendly place to find these items, as most of the vendors have high prices for their unique goods.

5. Kane County Flea Market

In the northern suburbs of Illinois you’ll find the Kane County Flea Market. Throughout the summer months, this event can be found outdoors. During the winter, though, the event moves inside. There is a $5 admission fee just to enter this flea market, but when you notice all the wonderful deals you’ll find on anything from furniture to material, you’ll think the admission charge was easily worth it.

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