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Earlier in the year, I was planning on taking a trip to New Zealand, and was looking at different hotel rates. My friend was wondering why I was looking for hotels when I could stay in a holiday house for much less per day. I had no idea what a holiday house was, and asked my friend about it. She told me all about the houses, and told me to go to for a good deal. I asked my friend how she knew so much about these houses, and she told me that she used to stay in them all the time when she would travel a lot.

I looked at the website my friend told me about, and they did have a good deal on the holiday house she was describing. The price per day for the house was much better than the hotel prices that I was wasting my time comparing. I had always looked for hotels when I traveled, but there may have been chances for me to get a holiday house in the past. I wish my friend had told me about these houses before now, but I guess there’s nothing that can be done about that.

As soon as I booked the house for a couple of weeks, I made plans to get my plane tickets. I asked my friend if she knew how to get better deals on plane tickets, and she said she didn’t know any. I figured she would have told me to rent my own plane and fly it myself once I get a pilot’s license. I was able to find a better deal than usual for a flight to New Zealand. Once the day of my trip came, I was so excited that I couldn’t get any sleep, so I slept on the flight.

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